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Thread: multifocal retinal dysplasia

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    multifocal retinal dysplasia

    hi norm
    What can you tell me about multifocal retinal dysplasia?
    is it a serious condition and what if anything can be done about it?
    many thanks in advance

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    Hi Stone,
    MRDysplasia: This is an eye condition with which the pup is born ( congenital ). It would either be blind soon after its eyes open or noticeable up to 6 months when it starts walking into objects, although strangely enough not always blind.
    Looking through an ophthalmoscope would see grey streaks folds and ridges ( like crumpled up paper )Also have grey patches like rosettes. If you shine a light into the eye the reflection is brighter than normal ( Tapetum ).
    Hereditary condition caused by an autosomal recessive gene . What this means is that both parents are carriers and the pups inherit this gene from both the stud and the dam.They may both be OK but are both carriers.
    There is no treatment.Breeding from them is a definite no no.

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    thanks norm
    it's a trained lab bitch 18months old, that a friend of mine is going look at in relation to buying as her new picking up dog for pheasant shooting
    i shall pass this info on to her
    hope you are well speak soon

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