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Thread: pullthrough stuck

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    pullthrough stuck

    Hi got a bore snake stuck solid in my 243 barrel any ideas please

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    You will have to push it out with a cleaning rod or something similiar i had one snap in my 17 rem years ago and have never sed them in a rifle since


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    If its not snapped stand on the end coming out of the muzzle, rifle upside down and pull.

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    rooster you a bloody hero worked a treat i reckon i owe you a favour mate have you shot a chinky

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    Rooster you lucky bugger, wish id have given this advise first

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    How did you manage to get one stuck? I have never had a problem unless:
    : it was pulled through "dry" , devoid of oil (.22LR) or solvent
    : it was the wrong caliber to begin with.

    Frayed bore snakes should be discarded.~Muir

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    Hi muir everything got wet did not realise pullthrough was wet to it gathered up in rifle chamber really solid bit of a worry good advise from rooster no reply to my offer rooster got plenty to go at cheers

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