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    saw a Roe couched down next to a road in the open and in an oilseed rape field. Something seemed wrong and I was able to approach within 10 yards before he ran off, he definately seemd to be blind. He was thinnish, still in full summer coat and had the best set of antlers I've ever seen on a live Roe. I saw him later feeding on some groundsel in the stubble filed next door.

    Is rape blindness temporary ?

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    The rape can make them scour as well so might explain lack of condition.


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    The condition is known in the UK as CCN Cerebrocortical necrosis or PEM if your state side. The condition is caused by high levels of sulphur found within the plant although in 00 varieties of oil seed rape the 00 represents a low sulphur level in the seed. High levels of sulphur in the diet can cause a build up of H2S within the rumen which leads to the above mentioned condition which causes lesions to form on the brain as well as emacication ultimately leading to death.

    Although ingestion of OSR is not a problem to humans, H2S is and is fatal in low concentrations. But I doubt anyone is going to go inhaling a dead Roe deers rumen!

    The blindness is caused not by swelling but by damage to the opptical cortex so I doubt it will be temporary.

    Under welfare grounds any animal found blind near rape should be culled.

    Cheers, Ali
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