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Thread: Hi all. The New, New Guy

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    Hi all. The New, New Guy

    After a year or more of gleaning useful info from all your threads I've done the right thing and signed up.

    I'm a lover of the great outdoors and all things nature and a conservationist at hart.
    That said i'm just as happy with a rifle in my hand as i am planting wild flowers.

    I learnt my trade in North Norfolk as a kid fishing, poaching and ferreting and progressed to woodland conservation and deer management.

    I moved here to East Sussex a few years ago to set up my business and left my permition and some good friends behind.

    I'm very keen to start reloading for my .243 after a long time of reading.
    I hoped this forum would be a good place to start and perhaps find a local mentor but that will be for my second post i feel.

    So, looking forward to meeting some like minded peeps (not that easy when on your own in the woods all day).


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    Welcome to the site, plenty of people on here to point you in the right direction

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hello Trucraft
    Welcome to the forum/site.
    What is the business that you set up?
    Sounds as if it could be interesting if it's the Woodland management and conservation that you mention.
    All the best with the business


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