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Thread: black and yellow lab pups

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    black and yellow lab pups

    I have for sale 1 yellow bitch pup, 2 yellow dogs and 3 black dogs. dam clear eyes hip score 6/4, sire clear eyes hip score 3/3. well over 50 ftch between the two plus ftw,s. ready to go around the 18th of november. both parents excellent working dogs.
    please pm me for details

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    Another dog pup sold this evening to a site member.

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    Hi Tika.308 lovely pups and thanks for your time lastnite...... cant wait to get the little fella. stunning pups .

    thanks once again

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    Your welcome Nick, nice to meet you and your family. before you know it 8 week old will be here.

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    1 bitch pup available and 3 possibly 4 dogs, i had a proper count up 55 ftch 10 ftw.

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    what have you left mate my pal is looking for a good pup

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    bri 243, have sent you a couple of pms buddy.

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    only 4 left 2 black and 2 yellow.

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    2 yellow 1 black left, at this rate i will have to sell the one im keeping!!! then again my daughter would have me flogged

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    You tell young Livvy that I crack a mean whip, no money involved just a bit of fuel

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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