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Thread: Puppies are coming out!

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    Puppies are coming out!

    Well my lab is in labour and the first and second puppy are out and clean, a boy and a girl. What a lot of noise they make! Oh well, puppies were 45 minutes appart and there's at least 5 more to come... This could be a long night!


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    well congratulations get some pics up when you time how many you keeping

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    Number 3 is out! keeping none I hope with two labs already and the amount of kids I have. With the mother in law about all the time as well a goldfish would be a push

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    you could end up with about 10 mate,just get them on the teet asap and that will make the bitch calm,keep hanging in there mate
    I`m afraid when i die the wife will sell my gear for the price i told her

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    five! it's been boy girl all the way

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    Hope alls going well, sounds a similar story to me six weeks ago, now I've got black lab mum and 13 pups!!!!!

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    Its always the same just when you think you are going to see something it dont happen. Please next time you are suggesting the puppys are coming out somthing like this would be what is expected.

    Congrats hope they are all well.

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    She had 7 5 girls 2 dogs! chuffed glas it wasn't 13 though

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    here are the pics!!

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    great looking pups well done,bet your happy it all finished and you may get a sleep now

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