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Thread: Hello from Italy

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    Hello from Italy

    I 've been hunting too little for too many years. Did some hunting for plain game in South Africa and some red deer stalking in Scotland. Now semi-retired, I'm busy all the year round in Italy managing the roe deer population of my assigned area and hunting wild boar and hares with hounds. I fill the little time left, fly-fishing for trouts and graylings (I am a Tenkara enthusiast)
    My streamlined gun-rack consists of: Sauer 202L cal. .270W - Auto-loader Benelli Argo cal. 30-06 - vintage 12-bore auto-loader Benelli 121 SL80

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    Where in Italy are you from? My granfather came from Ivrea in the north. My 30-06 is a sauer 200 and I have a 25.06 in a sauer 202 as well as a gun case full of other firearms.
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    Welcome to the site

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    Modena, 160 miles away from Ivrea.

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    I have many friends in Australia that hunt with me that are Italian bred either there or here in Victoria they are from all over Italy Romano/Abruzzese/ Sicciliano/Calabrian all sorts haha and they love their hunting too.I like their food!

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    ciao, e come stai.
    salute a tutti.

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    I have been away for a while.
    Another welcome from another Italian. Family is from the Venetian plateau near Treviso. I shoot mainly Sauer 202 and Ruger and drink mainly red wine!! benvenuto.

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    welcome ,i love italy i have been staying around lucca up in the mountains i have also been fortunate to work there as well hopefully going back with work next year and going back for some more holidays the food is fantastic and lovely people ,i would be interested in stories of your hunting there .last time i stayed i saw a lovely roebuck in our vinyard and while out in the garden a boar ran through which was amazing,atb wayne.

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