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Thread: Beretta Boots

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    Beretta Boots

    hi all
    hav any of you ever had a pair of these,
    they are goretex boots by Beretta
    this boot is mainly leather

    side view

    this boot is more swade

    side view

    a friend of mine has offered me a good deal i think on either pair, just would like to know what they were like out in the field before i parted with any cash
    any info would be gratefull
    many thanks

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    No idea, Stone, but the leather ones look the business. I'd buy them from the pic alone. What size are they and how much is he asking??

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    these are size 8 but are a little narrow, so i will need to get a size 9, which is not a problem as he has quite a few in the shop except these are on specials at the moment, i think i am looking at 100ish ,
    will no more tomorrow

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    i have a pait of the nubuck beretta boots, the second pair pictured, and have found them to be very good. very very comfortable and so far 100% waterproof.


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    thanks for the reply steve
    nubuck was the word i was looking for, they took my fancy, as soon as i saw those, as i like that style of boot with the rubber aroud the base, and both pair of boots are quite comfortable to wear, let it only be around the house
    cheers guys

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    I have no idea who makes these boots for Beretta, but the top pair look very like Meindl's. I know Meindl do make and brand boots for other companies.

    If they are made by Meindl, they will be very good.

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    Haven't had any expeirence of these particular boots but have recently 'treated' myself to a pair of their Cadore boots with the asymetric lacing.

    I have to say, the jury is still out. My major gripe is the quality of the leather. It's a bit thin and has a coating of some kind on it. They are also quite narrow, made for skinny little mediteranean types, not fat Celts like me. I'm not sure who is making them but Meindls they ain't. At least not to their usual quality.

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