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Thread: Not legal to shoot deer without dsc 1 after April 2014 ?

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    Not legal to shoot deer without dsc 1 after April 2014 ?

    Just read on another forum that the bds said its highly likley with new legislation that you will not be able to shoot deer legally from april 2014 without dsc 1 .
    Has any one else heard of this ?

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    First of all i assume you mean in scotland and if that is the case then you must contact SNH for the full facts you can get them here.Deer management contacts - Scottish Natural Heritage

    Office-01786 435 389 Moblie-07990 561 960

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    No mention of scotland sika stalker,he just says he heard it while attending a bds dsc 1 course that it seems likely the way legislation is going after april 2014 you will not be classed as competant and will not legally be allowed to shoot deer.DF

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    Sounds like hearsay too me, however I wouldn't be suprised. Seems a bit silly though.

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    looks like there will be a lot of illegally shot deer then
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    DF Then if it is including england its must be rubbish just ignor.
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    It's definitely the kind of rumour I'd be starting if I were a provider of DSC 1 courses!
    A lot more estates and landowners are now insistant upon it to cover their arses for insurance and risk assessment purposes.
    You can kick and scream as much as you like, but it's definitely the direction it is heading I believe.
    It might not be a bad thing either!

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    If you were abroad in Germany I am informed by a german client on an estate I was stalking that you have to take exams similar to dsc1 before you hunt anything so if we adopt European ways (which we do) it will probably be right that DSC 1 is a minimum. Glad i already got it. After doing the course IMO it's a good thing. I know a lot of deer stalkers? Using the term very loosely, some of them can't even recognise the spieces and call them by the correct name.

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    It all seems a bit improbable to me.

    For instance, How would overseas clients comply?

    and... Why only deer?

    If such competence is required it should surely be required for ALL species of quarry, including vermin.

    Of course, with politicians in charge anything might happen. I mean, a generation ago, who would have ever have thought we could get saddled with the nonsense that is the land reform scotland act?

    On the other hand, if some education and certification was to be made mandatory prior to issuing a simple, straightforward, open, FAC for up to say 5 guns, of any suitable calibre for any quarry available combined with a sensibly generous ammo allowance, like some of our Continental neighbours do it. Then, maybe that would be a really good thing from lots of different perspectives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tamus View Post
    It all seems a bit improbable to me.

    For instance, How would overseas clients comply?
    The answer to that is simple!
    We don't need overseas people to shoot our deer! There are enough stalkers in our own country to do it surely? The only reason overseas clients exist is because they are willing to pay more than us. If they could no longer shoot, there would be more stalking for us 'indigenous' clients! Now there's a thought eh?

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