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Thread: List of Top Roe Heads

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    List of Top Roe Heads

    Can anyone tell me where to find the list of the recorded best roe heads for Scotland and England, ie the top ten heads, have had a look at CIC website but assume you have to be a member to see the records.


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    It would be nice moose to see what the two countrys have produced over the years. I am sure that there must be a record kept.

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    I've got a spreadsheet with all the English Gold Medal bucks as per the Shooting Times annual listing since 1998, I'd be happy to send it to anyone who PMs me an email address.

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    Dominic Griffiths Book Deer Management in the UK has a full list of the top 100 UK from 1960-2010. Page 127

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    Thanks for the replies, i was hoping there was something that i could down load, as said looks like i will have to join CIC to see the records as i know you have to buy Roland Wards books to see theirs and join SCI to see their's which makes sense as compiling them costs money no doubt.

    Eggy s had heard Dominic Griffith's new book is quite good, will get a copy.

    Paul k thanks for the offer.



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    It is a good book well worth a read or 3

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