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Thread: sling swivel closer screws/comes loose

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    sling swivel closer screws/comes loose

    I have been on a stalk recently with a lot of walking and scrambling etc. I have had a hard time with my Uncle Mike sling swivel not unclipping but certainly the screw locking device coming into the open position. The sling swivel is in the correct position. I am worried that it will then catastrophically unclip and there goes the rifle and scope! I do not want to loctite it as I use a bipod. Are there any sling swivels that do not do this?

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    You could try the loctite and have a separate stud for the bipod

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    Just stretch some insulating tape round the problem, remove when finished with.
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    contact / rubber adhesive glue. ( yuhu) A smidge on the thread allows it to be unscrewed ,but stops the loosening of.

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    Uncle mikes is not the best quality.
    Like Finnbear say's, use tape around the swivels. Keeps them quiet too.

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    Have had the same problem and have had one come off x2, not funny when standing on a concrete plinth and the other inside a metal grain trailer.

    Appears 2 sorts of Uncle Mikes (fake)? one the screw sleeve is steel and appears OK, other is plastic and crap.

    Replaced mine with steel versions and now no problems.

    There are altenatives. If you want to sleeve it then a small piece of heat shrink tube would do the trick.


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    This is a small but very important detail! I do not want to lose a scope or have a stalk ruined! I bought the Uncle Mike nickel plated super swivel from a reputable dealer so must be the real thing. It does have the plastic screw safety so maybe their spec has gone down. I could just make it permanent easy enough but want to take on and off a bipod for differing modes. I will scan for other options and or tape it for now.

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    ....cable tie maybe?
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    I purchased replacement steel ones from Ladds Crediton. May have a spare steel one if you need one. Send me a PM if you wish


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