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Thread: Rangefinder - any recommendations?

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    Rangefinder - any recommendations?

    Hello all,

    I am after a basic waterproof range finder and any recommendations would be much appreciated. To be honest looked on the net and read this forum and now more confused!

    I will be using it for measuring in the field to shoot the odd zero round, measuring to key points on the ground when sitting out for foxes and for woodland deer stalking.

    There seems to be a bewildering choice. Something recommended would be great, around 200 ideally with range to 300 or so yards would suffice. Thanks in advance.

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    Have a look on Fleabay,as you said the choice is bewildering. Perhaps Nikon, for a little more money Leupold RX range (good quality)

    Although at 300yd range you will be able to buy something cheaper, bearing in mind buy crap!! buy twice!!

    Atb, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    up your price to around 250 and get a leica 900 scan.

    good optics, ranges very quick day or night under lamp

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    Hi there
    I can tell you what not to get!
    Don't touch Optisan-they fade and you will lose bits of the digits.


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    I have a Hawke Laser Range Finder 600 and have been using it for about 4 years now without any problems and cam measure ranges out to 600 yards.

    It has been dropped in mud, rocks and tarmac over the years and still works as if it was new.

    A friend of mine has a Range Finder costing nearly 5 times as much and my "Budget" Range Finder gives the same reading.

    Here is a link to the Range Finder I use, | Laser Range Finder 600

    I highly recommend this Range finder

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    I would get one like the leica with a red display so you can see it when the light is bad or gone. I would deffo be on the lookout for a used leica scan if it were me.

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    hi, i am in the same position! i am looking at this one, upgraded model nikko stirling 602 laser rangefinder item no. 120770680928 on that auction place!

    i dont know a lot about them but presume a nikko stirling one would do....another one was the hawke one described above or the basic tacso one....cant find a lot of info about them other than what the manufacturers say...

    good luck with it!!


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