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Thread: Stalking lease in Argyll

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    Stalking lease in Argyll

    Does anybody know how much the landowner may charge for stalking lease in Argyll?
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    Does any one know how much may charge farmer from Argyll for stalking lease (one year)?

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    I am going to ask one landowner tomorrow , and I donít know what to expect .

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    As said by widows son offer nothing as most farmers don't charge for shooting on their land.If he mentions money you would have to decide if it was worth it to you.I would also check if anybody else shoots the ground.If you manage to get land from the first farmer you speak to you will have done well as most ground is tied up at least it is around my area

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roch View Post
    I am going to ask one landowner tomorrow , and I don’t know what to expect .
    I'll elaborate if you go in with the ££££ hanging out your pocket, he may just jump at it and you'll put everyone else in the area nose out of joint .

    My advice is to tread cautiously and approach him that you could carry out a service for him, by doing any fox control, crows, rabbits etc. In turn AFTER ,your in the door ask if it would be OK if you were to remove the odd Deer as you have seen a fair few on the ground and if there eating the grass his stock isn't eating it.

    The Deer would then be a gratis way of covering your ammunition etc .

    if the permission is given you then take him back some of the processed Venison as pie's burgers joints for him thats the asset he has you supplying good quality Venison not cash .

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    how long is a piece of string?depends on a multitude of factors= how many deer on the ground how greedy or reasonable the landowner is,how much ground is availalable etc,as a native i know the area obviously but like everywhere deer numbers vary throughout the area some parts have very high numbers some bits have very few its up to you in reality to assess what is there and what it is worth,a very rough average would be around £3 an acre,good luck

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