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    Ok for those who are lucky enough to know me You will know I was and still am a huge 25-06 fan. Now at this time Im getting a twitchy funger... and with that Ive put a plan in place, and a check list of things to get and a rifle is on this list (again!!!!!) I dont regret selling up infact not having a shotty or a rifle was great, Ive spent some real quality time with the wife. At this time Im back with a shotty and in a wee syndicate which Im enjoying.

    Now here goes the punch line!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ive no intention of shooting smelly stinking Reds ever again!!! highly over rated and too much work once they are down!!!!! I plan on sticking with foxes, Roe and Does for the most as Im too busy from may onwards with the Sea Trout and Pipe Bands. I was thinking of a 243 to start and running a lighter load with it, plenty enough for Roe. But with being a huge 25 cal fan I kept on going back to this again and again.

    Then a wssm sprung to mind!! Mmmmm that was that a 243 wssm just to be different Thatll do I thought. But whilst trawling the WWW I stumbled over the 25 wssm. Now a decision has to be made.

    the 243wssm still floats my boat but with my huge love of the 25-06 the 25wssm is and seems a good choice.

    Now I know the 25wssm isnt that ballisticly different from the 25-06 but the shorter case floats my boat. And if Im correct it uses less powder. Against the 243wssm the only real difference I can see is that I can use a larger bullet.

    Now what are your thoughts on the 2 rounds. Please dont post mines is bigger than yours etc. Im am only interested on a good discussion between the 2 Ive mentioned.


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    Are you gonna roll your own?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Are you gonna roll your own?

    Oh yes.. You cant beat a good home roll up.............

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    Apart from bullet size what's the powder difference? I do like to be different so long as you can get the brass I would go for the 25.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Apart from bullet size what's the powder difference? I do like to be different so long as you can get the brass I would go for the 25.

    Good question???

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    Personally I would stick with the 25-06, or if you want more performance get a longer barrel and go 25-06AI. The 25-06 is a proven round and brass will be around for a long time, and you can carry on shooting. I can see a situation with the 25wssm regards components, the big companies aren't producing new rifles in that caliber other than special order, and pretty soon brass and ammo will be a seasonal only production run and a few years after that you will be pulling your hair out as your supply of brass dries up and you spend your nights trawling obscure forums on the offchance someone may have 100 cases tucked away.

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    from a quick glance at my hornady reloading manual the 25 uses approx 4gr more for the same weight bullets upto 100gr. Plus the hornady 6mm bullets have a bit better BC if that matter....

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    Well now, I'm a big .25-06 Rem fan too. Used .243 for yonks, but decided to swap 10 years ago.
    However, very recently a good friend took delivery of his custom build 6.5x47 Lapua (1 in 8 twist) & that baby really rocks.
    Using around 37gns Rel.15 to launch a 130gn bullet at 2850fps and ragged hole groups, he's more or less got it sorted for this season's climax on stags & run in for the hinds up coming later this month.
    That's a whole 16gns per round less propellant than I use in my .25-06, 91 in 10 twist) slightly - but only slightly more accurate than my rifle, but with a bit more punch than from my 100gn bullets.
    I like how this new rifle works for any kind of it fox, roe or goats. - It'll do anything in the UK - trouble is, in England it's almost impossible to get anything larger than .243 for fox control!
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    I personally love the "stinking reds"....roe and fox is great, but nothing beats a day in the highlands for the elusive big royal :-)

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    I have a good friend who won two WSSM's in two raffles. His says WSSM stands for "Witless ShootersSpendingMoney." He feels that the WSSM series is a dead issue.~Muir

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