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Thread: Roe on the stubbles yesterday lunchtime

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    Roe on the stubbles yesterday lunchtime

    Hi All,

    Just thought I would post a few shots of a group of Roe I came across on the stubbles yesterday. Lovely day, so the roe were getting a bit of a tan. Nice buck but as you can see no background.............

    Anyway here are the shots - posted one per post as if I do more per post they come up "Picture removed or deleted " Pain in the @rse - not sure what I am doing wrong but anywhichway my Photobucket account don't like it.

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    And again, The pictures were taken at about 80 metres or so and then cropped into, to show detail.

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    Same shot before cropping

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    Nice one Andy..oh and John March was asking about you last week, said he hasn't seen you for a while.
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    Nice photos mate
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    Great photo's. There is something very special about Roe.

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