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Thread: Trust your instinct (Sporting Rifle October)

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    Trust your instinct (Sporting Rifle October)

    Just been reading Trust your instinct, by Robert Bucknell.

    I agree with most things he says right up to the bit when he tell us a Mini pickup with a good pair of grippy tyres on the back wheels will go places a modern 4x4 would struggle.
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Yes, I saw that one as well.
    It seems strange that someone who really does know a lot about shooting foxes does not know which are the driving wheels on a mini.
    Or was it just a typo?

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    Ahh unless its been converted to rear wheel drive? have seen the odd mini rally car thats been done over the years,but to be honest I would have thought they have all rotted away years ago

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    Maybe it was a mini moke in drag? having said that, years ago i used to shoot on a fruit farm where they had a fleet of mini pickups that were used around the orchards, with a set of Avon "mud & snow tyres" on the front (driving) wheels they went pretty much anywhere and didn't churn the place up too much.

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    The Mini was one of the best rally cars ever made,and a pick up with less weight on the back wheels would make it a decent off roader.

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    AAhh!, the mini pick-up, spent many a morning after feeding the mooks in the back of one, speeding off to the transport caff at Dunkirk, for an all in English , paid for by a certain Mr Cadwalladr,................... now I remember why I turned out such a f*t b*strd!
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