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Thread: Budget rifle for beginner ?

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    Budget rifle for beginner ?

    In near future I would like to buy budget rifle(308) with scope(second hand ).Can you tell me how much money do I need to have and what brand is best value for money .

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    I'd buy a second hand rifle - there are plenty of older Sako's, Tikka's etc which are very good value compared to new ones. Parker Hale and BSA also offer good value for money. If you're not sure what your looking for, I'd recommend going to a reputable dealer - Macleods of Tain have a very good reputation, as does Norman Clark.
    Macleods also have a lot of s/h scopes, I'd suggest an 8x56 or similar by Scmidt & Bender, Zeiss, Swarovski, Docter etc would be a good option. A variable power scope would be nice, although not essential, and will cost more.
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    How do fella, you will get a barrage of replies to your question, all of them as valid as each other. Best thing is to have a look on in your budget, then see what you like the look of. Or go to your local shop and ask to have a look at a few different rifles. Beware the gun salesman though. He will convince you that black is white if your not careful.

    I would suggest a moderator too. Only because it aids accuracy if your relatively new to full bore shooting and makes it a lot more pleasing to the ear.

    Brands that spring to mind (in no particular order);

    Parker Hale

    Ive had remingtons and theyre OK but wouldnt be my first choice. If you can find a Tikka (595 preferrably than a T3 IMO) i would go for that. But thats my own opinion. Remingtons are made by the thousand and i believe Tikka are better quality.

    Regarding a scope, if its just for stalking and your on a budget, i would go for a fixed power 8x56 german made scope, Zeiss, Schmidt & Bender etc.

    Im sure this wont help and im trying to be impartial.. Only you know what you like, theres plenty of S/H guns around to choose from, just dont take your average gun salesman's word as gospel.. they will sell you anything!

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    My new rifle and a story for those looking for a 2nd hand bargain

    speak to people who shoot rifles and ideally take them with you when you buy
    buy 2nd hand from private sellers rather than dealers (cheaper)
    buy the rifle and scope together if possible (cheaper)
    dont overspend on scopes, they are not needed if on a budget. a 200 2nd hand scope will do you just as well as a 500 2nd hand S&B or Swaro fixed mag.

    there are a lot of rifles for sale at the moment, choice is your issue not budget IMO

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    When I was in your position the one piece of advice I was given was to spend money on good optic's ( fixed power 8x56 germanoptics) and then put a rifle under it so consider budgeting for a good scope look at the Macloeds of tains stock list they normally have keen prices on secondhand scopes. consider spending 2/3 of your budget on the optics and 1/3rd on your rifle.

    There's a lot to of different makes of rifle to choose from, Remmington's, Tikka, Sako, Howa, Browning, Parker Hale the list is goes on they are good rifles and will put meat on the table.

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    Thank you for your posts I will use some of your advices. And what do you think about CZ or Weatherby Rifles?

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    Budget rifle for beginner

    Hello Roch, I have never owned a Weatherby but believe they are manufactured by Howa. I have a 6.5x55 CZ 550 in my cabinet and am very happy with its performance.Best accuracy achieved with reloads, a pound coin covering a three shot group.Imo sufficient accuracy for stalking,vermin control etc.As has been said already,it is wise to spend a bigger part of your budget on good optics. Best of luck with your search.

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    If your on a tight budget suggest a Howa and a Meopta scope, both excellent.


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    My local RFD has a pile of older rifles - mostly Parker Hales and BSAs, with the odd Tikka - in what are considered the larger calibres for this part of the world, e.g. .270, .308, .30-06 etc, for between 100 and 300. The majority have seen very little work and several come with scope rings and the remains of the one or two boxes of ammo they were bought with new!

    If you are on a genuinely tight budget, then one of these, combined with a lesser named but good European scope such as a Meopta, would make a brilliant stalking outfit for less than 400. I paid very little for my mint PH rifle in .270 and have shot many, many deer with it over the last few years. If you want a variable scope, look at the Nikon Buckmaster series - very good optics for not much money.


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