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Thread: Pheasent Shooting in Devon

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    Pheasent Shooting in Devon


    Im currently a full gun on a Pheasent Syndicate at Ide just outside exeter. Due to work commitments im now going to be away for 15 of the 17 days that we shoot so i just cant justify having it. So up for offer is the chance to either take on the whole gun and shoot every week or lots of you can have just a day. Its a walk one shoot one and there are 6 drives in total on every shoot day, so you would shoot a minimum of 3. Please see below the list of dates:

    15th Oct (Outside Day)
    22nd Oct (Outside Day)
    29th Oct (Outside Day)
    5th Nov (Main Day)
    12th Nov (Outside Day)
    19th Nov (Main Day)
    26th Nov (Outside Day)
    3rd Dec (Main Day)
    10th Dec (Outside Day)
    17th Dec (Main Day)
    27th Dec (Main Day)
    2nd Jan (Main Day)
    7th Jan (Main Day)
    14th Jan (Main Day)
    21st Jan (Main Day
    28th Jan (Main Day)
    1st Feb (Outside/Main)

    So there are 7 outside drive days and 10 Main drive days.

    I would rather somebody took this completely for 900 or i will sell seperately if enough people show interest at 40 for an Outside day or 65 for a Main day. Its not the biggest shoot in the world but we normally get bird returns of about 50 per week and the devon scenery is outstanding. As you can see im not after making money on this i just want to try and regain some of the money i have paid out.
    You will be asked to show both proof of insurance and Gun Cert to the shoot captain on the days of the shoot.

    Any Question please PM me and i will get back ASAP!

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    What a cracking and generous offer. Wish I was a bit closer....hmmm, even so....
    Best of luck in covering your bases.
    Nooooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!! Our main weapon is.........

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    Surprised that the shoot captain allows this. The guns taking up your generous offer may not all be safe shots.
    Anyone who wants to join our shoot is invited as a guest first and is watched very carefully to ensure that they are safe.

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    Some of the older members will probably winge but only because last year I was a full gun and due to work commitments only shot 9 times so some of the older members got free shooting on my expence! I've already offered it to the half guns in the syndicate with no response and I'm away from the 21st of Oct and don't want to lose all the money I have paid out!


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