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Thread: Beretta - Sako - Tikka ?

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    Beretta - Sako - Tikka ?

    Can any of you knowledgeable folks out there explain the relationship between Beretta, Sako, and Tikka?

    Ok so I understand Beretta own Sako and Tikka is that right? and Tikka are made by Sako? So is Tikka a brand of Sako or a separate manufacturer?

    Sorry Im a bit confused but im sure you'll put me right!

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    Owned by Beretta and marketed as an upper end ( sako) and a budget version (tikka ) originaly.
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    Cheers MS, yeh understand that GMK are the importers. I was talking to someone that works there the other day and im sure they said Beretta own the lot? maybe wrong there!?!

    Im just confused as the Tikka catalogue has the Sako badge at the bottom of it!?!?

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    Ah cheers Pierred!

    That would answer it!

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    Owned by Beretta as are several others, a few of the other Italian shotgun makers now owned by Beretta
    also Montefeltro one of the biggest if not the biggest sporting agency in the world is a subsidiary of Beretta

    A huge company and still family owned.

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