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Thread: Dmq nEW system

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    Dmq nEW system

    Most people look on the Dmq system as a real pain in the ass others want to have even more tests etc but what i see all the time is when a post is put up about DMQ it has lots of responses most negative .
    I would like to start a post to ask for suggestions from site members on how to improve the current system so that we still get people adequately trained to a start level safe standard .But still keep them happy and have a wee bit cash left in there pockets.
    I have ideas and will voice them later in the posts so come on don't gripe give the DMQ mob some suggestions and help them improve.

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    I think they should lobby police forces NOT to insist this qualification is gained before issue of the FC.

    They would gain support for sure.

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    I agree mate it should be stated that this is still voluntary.

    I think that there should only be one AW stalk i cant see any reason for three except for it to make cash

    I think there should be a set price .

    I think that the DMQ board should make sure the AW,S have good ground with a good chance at stalking deer.

    I think the use of deer farms for lev 2 should be banned

    I think the Lev one should be made a bit harder with regards the shooting tests to make it more realistic.

    I think after a recent post that AW,S should have an ATT test to go with there undoubted knowledge.

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    One of the proposals that I put forward on the last questionaire from dmq was to assess the candidate on a points basis rather than the tedious repetative questions.
    Scoring on a 1-10 basis for each PC would give a better indication of a candidates skill and experience


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    I have had some feelings on this issue for a very long time now, lets face it a candidate can go on a BDS Course & obtain a DSC 1 & still in real terms have next to no field experiance at all & then be let loose to stalk deer, as I have seen a few people who have been granted a non supervisory section 1 FAC just because they passed a DSC1 by one police force in the UK.

    Much as a supervisory condition is a real bind to many people I do strolgly agree that it serves a purpose in that it ensures that the candidate has at least got some grounding with a rifle in an accompanied enviroment, when I first learned to stalk I was under a supervisiory for about 3 months I think.

    I still feel that there should be more mandatory field time for people to gain experiance prehaps as an overall part of the DMQ.

    I just dont agree with the way that the BDS & BASC seem to just churn out DSC1 qualified newbies & I myself feel its just a revenue grabbing jump in on the old training cash cow-band wagon while we can make a few quid.

    To be honest what other options do we have though at the moment?

    With more people entering the sport I guess we do have more people with just a basic understanding of Deer Managment on which to build than we ever did in the past & we do have the DMQ to thank for this.

    Regs Lee

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    I think DSC1 is too deer focused, and aimed at satisfying the professional user, hence it's alientation of the recreational shooter. It's like asking for a HVG/advanced drivers licence to drive your mini.

    The police should not be concerned with deer welfare, only people's welfare. When they ask for DSC they are asking for a lot of competence in areas which have nothing to do with public safety.

    There should still be two parts :

    Part 1 - focuses on safe rifle owning/shooting practice (inc safe shot placement, not just on deer) and technical aspects thereof. This is shooter oriented and would allow most people who want to get into recreational stalking to a) satisfy 'safe shooter' requirement to get their FAC, b) prove to many land owners they are safe around people and property with guns.

    Asking people to prove they can tell the difference bewteen a Roe and a Red deer is too much and it has no bearing on public safety. Any sensible person knows to research it and satisfy themselves.

    This would be for rec stalkers who will eat their own deer and not sell it. After all you eat rabbits/fish/birds etc you shoot without having to be qualified in knowing the health risks.

    Instead of Deer Stalking Certificate 1 it's called Safe Shooting Certificate.

    Part 2 - focuses on food chain, carcass prep, practical gralloching etc - all the pro stuff you need so as to not to pose a heath risk from a food point of view.

    Instead of Deer Stalking Certificate 1 it's called Game Food Preparation Certificate or similar. Instead of being onerously witnessed based, it takes a lot of what is in DSC1 now, but not relevant to gun safety, and moves it here.

    So Part 1 - don't shoot anyone, Part 2 - don't poison anyone, or shoot the wrong thing.

    You can do either or.

    How many people know the difference between a pest crow and a protected rook? and you don't need to do exams in that to get a SGC.

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    Well said Snowstorm.
    Everyone should be obliged to demonstrate that they can handle a firearm safely and shoot competently before being issued a FAC.This will reassure both the police and landowners. An hour at the range with relevant assessor plus some brief 'classroom' work should suffice. This should not be costly nor time consuming, however the applicant would have to swot hard and enlist the help of an (experienced) FAC holder (to get in some range time) in advance of the test. Couple this approach with decent insurance and the individual can start to enjoy stalking. Other competencies can then be worked on as and when required.
    DSC1 is being flagged up as the ‘industry standard’ just now as there is no alternative. Many landowners insist you have it but I’m sure that all they really want is safe, insured shots on their ground.The rest will follow.DSC1 is the classic ‘sledgehammer to crack a nut’; fine if you’re up for it but an oversized barrier for many stalkers who would rather spend their time and money where it matters.

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    I really don't understand why people want to wrap our sport in yet more red tape

    Demonstrate the "problem" that currently exists which warrants more Government intervention, and the introduction of more hurdles to firearm ownership and I may change my mind...

    How many firearm related deaths by FAC holders were there last year for instance? What about over the last five years?

    Now compare that to the number of people shot in error by the "highly trained" Police firearms units...The long and short of it is that us FAC are generally a very safe and law abiding bunch so why penalize us with more red tape?

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    Erm, think you are agreeing with me Pete!

    Take all the deer stuff out of DSC 1, call it something else and make it a day long assessment. While not being a requirement it's an easier way for people to show they are safe, which is a complaint you hear a lot.

    Take ReneZ - experienced shooter abroad, reloader, trained hunter etc. fired guns most of us will never see in our lives. He failed DSC1 because he got the pic recognition wrong.

    On the other hand, someone can get a FAC with no experience whatsoever because they had some trees to protect and could shoot away at anything they see.

    Where's the sense in that.

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    If you did that, you'd no longer have a Deer Management Qualification...I did my Level 1 and 2 essentially as I enjoyed learning about Deer..

    I fully support it as a voluntary training/qualification system concerned with Deer Management but do not wish to see this or any other assessment/qualification become mandatory...



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