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Thread: MARCH & SHOOT 2009

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    MARCH & SHOOT 2009

    Good evening members,

    Due to the popularity of this year’s March and Shoot, it has been decided to launch our very own website (name to be announced very soon). The site will have a forum, a fitness section with training programmes posted for all levels supplied by an Army Physical Instructor, an auction and raffle sections, also a Paypal account (to name just a few) so members can pay sponsorship money raised directly into the charities account.

    We also very much need your help please, if any member has any photographs of the event that they would not object in being used on the new website please send them to me and I can forward them to our web master (make you famous 8) ). Could I be as bold to ask for a copy of them, if you could burn them onto a CD and post them to me I would really appreciate it? Please PM me for my address to send them on too.

    In advance many thanks for your help and support


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    thanks for the heads up steyr308
    shall be looking out for any updates
    just sorting out pics of the march and shoot now

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    Thank you very much for that, you are very much like the others that have replied to this very much a gentleman. You will be the first to be made famous 8)



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    Just a thought ... why don't we hold a fundraiser an evening a charity dinner type event which would raise funds to help run it and be great fun to boot

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