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Thread: 4x4 Tyre Advice

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    4x4 Tyre Advice

    Lads i'm looking for a set of tyres for my 4x4 in 265/70/R17

    Can anyone recommend a make model and supplier please.

    I had a set of Maxxis 753 Mud Terrain which were fantastic but apparently Maxxis no longer manufacture them.

    I'm looking for a good deep aggressive pattern at a reasonable cost.

    Telephone numbers of reliable suppliers would be ideal also.



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    Strathearn Tyres in Creiff, ask for Jim.

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    goodyear all terrain , get an online quote from etyres

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    Love General Tire At2 - maybe not agressive enough for your needs? Get mine from GT Tyres Forres.
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    I've had Insa Turbo remoulds on my Shogun for a year - excellent tyre from the Tyre Spot - around 70 each.

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    You'd be hard pushed to beat BF Goodrich Mud Terrains TBH. Commercially should be readily available in most reputable fitters. That's what I'm planning for my navara when I can afford it, which is coincidently the size your after.
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    Take your pick here

    Cooper STT are good (if they are going to get some in soon) and the Kumho KL71 are also a good trye.

    I have BFG AT on my shogun and they are good but if i was choosing (and there was something available in the size) i would have had something a bit more beefy

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    Insa Turbo Dakars, Google it there is usually somebody doing a deal on 4. Recommended to me by a mate who has been the Scottish Landrover Owners Club RTV champion for the last 4 years. Mine have now done 32,000 some of this being hard off roading. They cope very well in mud/rock etc yet quiet on the road and handle well for a 80/20 tyre. If you want something extreme the Insa Turbo Traction is 100% off road giving excellent traction in all conditions.

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    got kumho kl71's on my l200 and would not recommend. Good grip in the mud and were quiet when new but wore really quickly. I have done 10k miles with them and they almost need changing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moray Outfitting View Post
    Love General Tire At2 - maybe not agressive enough for your needs? Get mine from GT Tyres Forres.
    General Grabber AT2 are similar to BF Goodrich but more price realistic, I know a good few lads who swear by them, they have a decent grip as the name suggests!
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