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Thread: What to tell the neighbours

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    What to tell the neighbours

    One of my neighbours commented to my wife that they thought we were rushing off to hospital when they heard me drive off at 5:30 on a Sunday morning (the wife is heavily pregnant). All my wife could say was that I went out early to 'look at some animals' (not that I saw any ).

    Thankfully the conversation stopped there with a reply of 'oh, that's nice'. Just wondering what other people do, just come clean, say it loud, say it proud: 'I stalk deer, so I have to get up inexplicably early on a Sunday morning!'

    Or should I be stealthier and say park around the corner so no one hears me leave? When I go target shooting, I tend to make sure no one is around when I load and unload the car, or at least wait until their back is turned! I also haven't had to explain away any 6:30 departures.

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    Simple tell them your out deerstalking as a mater of a cull plan for the deer own benifit then ask them if they would like some venison steaks .My nabours all eat it and have no probs with what id do .

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    I don't have any problems I live in a rural area with lots of shoots around so it is quite a 'normal' occurance.
    I could see it being a problem if you live in a built up area with a lot of 'anti's'.
    It doesn't bother me if I get seen loading up the car to go stalking

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    6.5 is right, my neighbours know i am a stalker because they eat the venison!

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    I Myself have also been very lucky on the neighbour front, as I live out on a rural road but still only about 1 mile out of the Village, my neighbours are about 300m away on one side & they have a small 40 acre farm that runs alongside & with land also to the rear of my garden which also has an old wooded railway embankment 200m below the garden & the other side neighbours are 200m further up the road.

    I have a long narrow garder which is 450ft long & not only did I get permission to stalk the Roe on their ground but they were also happy for me to put a 100m range in my garden to test zero the rifles with as the land below the garden is unused.

    We built a bank & used back to back railway sleepers dug into it & that stops anything I ever intend to use, so that no round ever escapes the garden & beyond is the 20ft embankment anyway.

    Even the old 270wsm does not get through the 2nd sleeper let alone the earth bank.

    The land beyond has a few good Roe on it & I tend to only take 3/4 each season as its just a nice place to go & sit out now & again in a highseat to overlook the wooded embankment on a Sunday afternoon before the roast dinner!

    I am fourtunate in that I have an open ticket & always use a moderated rifle, I never do kick the ass out of it & just use the range to check the rifles now & again when they need it.

    Had I not told the neighbours then I would not have any of this I guess.

    I guess should consider myself pretty lucky in the Neighbour dept?

    Regards Lee

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    I have lived in my house for 13+ years and have never had any reason to hide what i do, in fact i go out of my way to tell people what i do. If i was to get any negative feed back then tough for them, i would just fight my corner. There has been many a time when people have seen me with a deer slung over my shoulder from out of the car. My direct neighbour is a member of RSPB, English nature and one or 2 others. He knows what i do and has to my knowledge never had a problem with it.

    Be proud of what you do, if you hide it then to my mind you must feel that you shouldn`t be doing it.

    I think you will be surprised at what reactions that you get, and that is mostly positive, because if nothing else, it`s a conversation starter.

    Good hunting


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    I whip the guns in and out quickly because I don't want some of the people round where I live knowing I have guns in the house. If a neighbour or someone I know asks I might tell them I stalk, target shoot, or clay pigeon shoot (all of whch are correct) depending on the mood I'm in and whether I can bothered with an argument.

    In urban areas you need to be more discrete - not becasue of neighbours disapproving, who cares about that, but becasue of drugs gangs.

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    I live in a suburban cul-de-sac, so most of the neighbours including me are basically townies although we're not exactly far from the countryside.

    Well, I'll probably just cross that bridge when I get to it, I won't lie. I'm not ashamed in any way, I just tend to avoid confrontation. From a not-being-burgled point of view, the fewer people that know, the better. I've taken my fair share of crap from being a pistol shooter in '97...

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    All my neighbors are fine about my hunting except the old boy opposite. He hates what i do. I`ve had my shotgun for years and one morning after i had been lamping i was unloading the rabbits out of my car and in no uncertain terms he told me what he thought.
    Hearing this i crossed the road to his gate and told him if not to shout me down in the street as what i do is fully legal and if he wants to discuss it then let`s talk in private. He walked away muttering to himself. As he got to his door i shouted to him that if you wanted to talk legal / illegal, you`re tax disc is out of date!!
    I do try to be discreet about unloading animal carcases and guns from my vehicle though.

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    I would never hide it. I count myself as a "normal" person, and as such promote the fact that stalking/culling is done by "normal" people. If no one sticks up for the sport., then there is an open door for " antis" false properganda....just like hunting with hounds. Yes some "posh" people do it, but the majority of followers/supporters are "normal" people. As for the answers about gangs/and not wanting people to know you have guns...very sensible. Like I said, I tell people I stalk, not that I keep firearms in the house.

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