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Thread: Nieck Knife Finshed

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    Nieck Knife Finshed

    Just finished this neck knife for Michelle, a funky handled number for which she chose the handle scales for. They are polyester ripple and the blade was gound from 01 Carbon steel which was left with the rolling mill marks on it which were then left to rust and pit before being cleaned up in acid and finished with an emery belt for a rustic look. This is a great finish for it is easier to keep look 'sweet' after using. The grind is a 20 degree Scandi grind which is as sharp as a cut throat razor. Fisnished off with a blue Kydex sheath for easy cleaning. Just hang it around the neck or stick it in the pocket.

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    Hi like the handle would be nice with a 4 inch drop point good work
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    Hi Alaska

    Thanks for the comment and regarding the drop, yes I agree , I am working on getting some larger blade blanks as a couple on here have commented they would like a knife like that but a bigger blade.


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    Would be interested must have brightly coloured handles
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    As a matter of fact I am doing some the same size now but with a brick red handle and bright orange sheath like the one above so they wont get lost, also looking at doing some with pins that glow in the dark.

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