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Thread: 2 cabinets in 2 counties ?? is it possible ?

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    2 cabinets in 2 counties ?? is it possible ?

    Is it poss to have 2 cabinets one in the county with address on for fac..and one at say my parents in a other county ?..reason i ask is some shoots are by my parents..and staying there some nights/early morns would be better than waking mrs up in middle of the night with her new job.


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    yes if you can show good reason, I know someone who has rifles stored in at least 2 counties due to his work and home address's being so far apart that he commutes on a weekly basis, (he also has a voracious appetite for Lee Enfields )
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    Not exactly what your asking but this thread may be of some help ish

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    I feel it will depend on the Firearms depatments in the counties that are involved
    I had this same issue due to having a home address in wales but worked in brum
    Dyfed-Powys were happy with the situ but West-mids were not
    best option I would imagine is to get your parent/s to apply for an FAC and hav a borrow and use condition put on all of your calibres
    that should do the trick

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    yes, but so long as the second cabinet is secure and ideally inspected as such. Security of firearms rest with you so providing you meet the standard requiements you can store the firearms there for use while on there 'hunting'

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    Hi Mick,

    That will be fun and games with Cheshire!!



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    See my reply on other forum.

    No reason why you can't. No different to country hotels providing cabinets for guests.

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    I did this with Derbyshire and Dumfries and Galloway, I told them I wanted to leave guns that I used in Scotland at that address because of the security issues when transporting the guns, they never even inspected my second address just put a note in my file of my second address.



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    Cheers guys..will look into it when in UK but as said security with 2 cabinets at both locations is a must.

    Sion..ive had it with cheshire mate..may be moving ..ha


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    Why bother even telling anyone? It is not against the law to travel with a firearm and store it temporarily in any other place. As long as you hold an FAC for that firearm (FAC has national recognition, it isn't regional), and you can demonstrate that you are taking adequate security measures to prevent unauthorised access you are not breaking any laws.
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