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Thread: Lowland Deer in Scotland - one-day conference on 14th November

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    Lowland Deer in Scotland - one-day conference on 14th November

    FYI -

    The Wildlife & Natural Environment Act has placed increased duties on all Scotland’s deer managers, not just on the high ground but the length and breadth of the country.

    Those duties apply to everyone who has deer on their land.

    Coupled with this new legislation, the greening of Scotland and expanding woodland cover, increasing low-ground deer numbers, deer in peri-urban areas and public safety issues particularly in relation to road traffic accidents all call for a more co-ordinated approach to lowland deer management of roe and other species.

    The Association of Deer Management Groups, in partnership with other public and private sector organisations is setting up the Lowland Deer Network (LDN) as a step towards tackling these issues.

    Who will be interested? Farmers and land managers, deer stalkers – professional and recreational, forestry companies and foresters, Local Authorities and others all have an interest in how Scotland’s low ground deer resource is sustainably managed.

    Geographically these issues affect the Scottish lowlands, the Scottish Borders and south-west Scotland, the central belt and north-east Scotland – wherever low -ground deer populations are regarded either as a management problem or an economic opportunity.

    Speakers at the conference include:
    Stewart Stevenson MSP, Minister for Environment
    Andrew Thin, Chairman, Scottish Natural Heritage
    Robbie Kernahan, Wildlife Operations Unit Manager, Scottish Natural Heritage
    Derek Kneller and Robert Speirs, North Lanarkshire Deer Management Group
    Dr Bob McIntosh, Director, Forestry Commission Scotland
    Ian Fergusson, Deer Management Officer (South) Forest Enterprise Scotland
    Jonathan Hall, Head of Rural Policy, NFUS
    Mike Cottam, SNH Best Practice Group
    Richard Cooke, Chairman, Association of Deer Management Groups

    Demonstrations and displays at the event include butchery (tbc), the Scottish Venison Partnership, the Scottish Quality Wild Venison Assurance Scheme, Precision Rifle Services (Callum Ferguson), and ballistics (James Govan).

    The conference is FREE to attend. Places are limited so early application is advised. Lunch is included.

    The LDN conference is organised and funded by the Association of Deer Management Groups, Forestry Commission Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage. It is supported by organisations including BASC Scotland, the British Deer Society, Confor, National Farmers Union Scotland, the Scottish Gamekeepers Association and Scottish Land & Estates.

    Join LDN on the day.
    If the issues discussed at the event concern you or your business and you think you will find what LDN has to offer useful you can join at the event.

    Register for the conference today. Conference places will be awarded on a ‘first-come’ basis.
    E mail your details to: Tel: 01356 624566

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    Oh dear.

    Join us and keep yourself on the right side of the law, is it?

    There are other ways to do that.

    But since I've just noticed one of the keynote speakers is a guy I recently got a pup from, I supppose I better trundle along and see for myself. Thanks JCS

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    May i ask David from BASC and if there is a person from the BDS what there support involves please.I also see you can join on the day.That means its a done deal but i must admit to being a bit sceptical about the whole thing.
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    Normally the sort of thing I would enjoy attending -- unfortunately I'm heading for an all inclusive in Sharm on that day. I hope it doesn't rain again !


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    me and a keeper pal are going for a look , some intearesting speekers there.

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    If you have not booked now full - they have their 180 quota but have a waiting list if anyone drops out.

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    Crikey! Should we all wear name badges with out S.D. screennames on? Since there seems to be loads of S.D. members going... Or maybe not...

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    As a person who is wholeheartedly interested and involved through an existing Lowland DMG in the management and welfare of Lowland deer I would welcome and want to be included in any developments but in consideration of the proposed LDN a few questions come to mind. For the past three years or so DMGs have existed within the Lowland areas. Although these Groups are members of the ADMG and are known to the SNH and the forestry companies in particular the FCS, they have formed and are run without the recommendation or backing of either the SNH or FCS. Is the LDN to spell the end of the local DMGs or will the local DMGs be a recognised and recommended part of the partnership?. It is advertised that you can join on the day at a proposed cost of £25. Is there a constitution already agreed and objectives already decided? What do you get for a £25 joining fee? In the Lowland area will a membership of the LDN become a requisite of obtaining a lease? Will local landowners be encouraged only to lease deer management to members of the LDN?

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    I advocated right from the outset that the DMG had to be a blanket organisation with each area group an independent member. I even registered Centralscotlanddmg group as a domain. I was litterally told to mind my own business. No interest in colaboration between groups, too much too soon, hense 4-5 years on the local DMG's are still cap in hand to FC and SNH who pay lip service to the amateur stalkers. Oh we are encouraged to spend money getting qualifictions, deer dogs, go for leases. What comes across is, to keep the mouthy ones quiet the governing bodies make appeasing noises but on the whole they are happy with the status quo. When a DMG is ready they will just move the goalposts. This lowland group is gust the next goal post shift. Will be there to see what rocks. Jim

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