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Thread: Hi from Wild and Wooly Wales

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    Hi from Wild and Wooly Wales

    Just discovered this site by chance and first impressions are very good
    I probably won't have a great deal to say as I'm more of a wannabe stalker having only had one outing in 10 years but still yearn to go again.
    Currently own a Fabarm O/U 12 bore, a cracking little left-handed Anschutz 1417 .22 with thumb hole stock and a Browning A bolt in .270win (also left-handed) - just sold a Ruger No.1 in .223 due to a permanent wrist injury which made it feel too heavy after a very short while
    Currently trying to decide the fate of my A bolt, do I just get a sound mod or shall I get a Tikka T3 Lite and a sound mod . . . decisions, decisions!
    That's about me in a nutshell. Right I'm off round the forums now, happy hunting guys.

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    Welcome to the forum, your not amwanna be stalker as you have been. Don't let any one tell you any less! Experience isn't always the main thing! Plenty to learn of the sight, a really helpful tool! if your thinking of not threading the a bolt and getting a t3 put an a tec CNN 4 moderator on it. The weight will be minimul and you bad wrist will thank you for it. I have a t3 hunter win the a tec, a stock of a t3 lite and 6" of the barrel. It's a feather mascarading as a rifle.

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    Cheers aliS,
    Was just about to troll thru the various recommendations for a sound mod as I've never had one for centre fire before so all advice is much appreciated

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    100 people will tell you 100 different things and all may well be right! Moderators make the world of difference, I never liked them at first but after watching a full time stalker I was convinced. Apart from the obvious sound reduction, it reduces recoil, muzzle flip - allowing you to watch for the quarries reaction confirming you hit it, you can hear the bullet striking the rib cage. it's all positives with only minor draw backs like the rifles balance is all to cock, the rifle will be longer and a slight reduction in velocity (not notacible really).

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    Welcome to the site.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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