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Thread: Strange ???

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    Strange ???

    I have recently purchased 140 Hornady 150gr ssts in 30.06 and I have just noticed that 3 boxes have the word FRONTIER stamped on the cartridge head ?? and to be honest they look realy shity?? is it normal for companies to change suppliers like this ?? they look as if they have been swept up off the factory floor, I will try and post some pics.

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    Frontier was/is a Hornady brand name.

    Not sure of history etc. The ammunition trade is a convoluted web with many manufacturers actually sourcing from each other or common suppliers and confess I've long since lost track of who was doing what for whom.

    'Brass' tarnishes up pretty quick and I have frequently come across ratty cases and jackets from most of the makers - not good PR and disappointing given the current prices, but shouldnt affect internal ballistics.
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    Tanks for the info,I thought some one was trying to pull a fast one.

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    For a long time now Hornady have been utilising Frontier brass....think it's part of their company ?? The brass I've seen on .25-06 ammo. looks pretty reasonable to me though. It certainly reloads well enough. Cheers,
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