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    Benchrest Stock

    Hi All

    Yes I know this is site is for deer staking information, new & second hand accessories of which I have bought & sold but I thought I would give you gentleman (OK lads & Lasses) a try as I am
    looking for a Benchrest Stock to fit anschutz Match 54 action, preferably to suit light varmint.

    Beer tokens waiting (not too many)


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    Give Steve Kershaw a call, hes always got a few stock kicking round and is fairly local to W. Yorks.

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    Still Looking somebody must have one collecting dust in a cupboard after an upgrade.



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    I'm afraid its not very likely someone will have one "collecting dust" Benchrest isn't exactly a mainstream pastime here in the UK let alone rimfire benchrest. Your best bet would be to order a flat top laminate BR stock from the USA and get it inletted.

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