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Thread: electronic ear defenders

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    electronic ear defenders

    hi all,

    what would you say is the best for in the field and at the range as i quite like the peltor sport tec but what are others like;


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    Chris, digital cens are all you will need.

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    I bought deer hunters basic electronic ear defenders at the game fair last year for 50 i find them brillant. found them on the website there is the link - Deerhunter - Deerhunter Electronic Earmuffs with Microphone - Hearing Defenders - Gamefayre Shooting & Country Persuits


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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Chris, digital cens are all you will need.
    which are they paul.

    regards chris

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    I use Peltor Sport tac for all my hunting and range work. I never shoot a bullet without wearing them.

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    hi jagare,

    how do you find the sport tac in the forest as i am coming over to sweden very shortly for the moose and boar;


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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
    which are they paul.

    regards chris

    Try these Chris: CENS digital - Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors For All Shooters

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    they look very good but i know now that i would loose half of them at least.

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    They don't come out, I use mine for my tree work and they are fine.

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    Its a personal thing, but I found that the sport-tac didn't give sufficient noise reduction for range use, so I switched them for the pro-tac 2. Don't use them in the field, preferring in-ear plugs when game shooting. Need to check out those digital ones...

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