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Thread: Dilemma?

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    Let's say that you and a friend each have a litter of gundog pups, by the same sire. Your friend really wanted to keep a bitch pup, but unfortunately his litter are all dogs. Therefore you do a swap, a bitch pup from your litter for a dog from his. It seems a fair deal. If anything your friend is better off, as bitches are worth a little more (and he's got what he wants). You decide to keep the dog pup on, and, as your 10-year-old daughter is taking a keen interest you let her rear him.
    One year later, you take the young dog for a day out at a local game fair, and your daughter enters him in a few simple competitions. Someone sees him, takes a fancy, and offers you a good price. You accept, and, feeling proud of your daughter for her efforts, you let her keep the money. Your friend is also at the fair, hears of the deal, and seems pleased.

    (I should add that the friend is a landowner, over whose ground you have permission to shoot and to take paying clients. You pay a reasonable rent for the permission, but do not have long term security of tenure.)

    A few days later, friend contacts you, clearly annoyed that you haven't offered him any of the money. A week passes before you see him again, by which time he is seriously angry, verging on abusive, and tells you that unless you pass on a cut of the proceeds of the sale of the dog you can clear off his land with immediate effect!

    What do you do? Take some money off a 10-year-old girl, just to keep the peace?

    This is a true scenario that I currently find myself in, although I've changed the details a bit to make it more relevant to SD members, ie, the animals in question weren't actually gundogs, and I don't take out paying clients. However, I do depend on access to that land for a fair proportion of my livelihood.

    Would welcome some comments and advice on how to handle this...

    (PS, the "dog" sold for approx 20 times the value of the "puppy")

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    personally i would tell him boll0ck5... he was happy with the swap 12 months ago and thats it as far as i'm concerned... what would have happened if the 'dog' had some health problems and ran up huge vet bills, would he be so forth coming with offers of help with paying? i doubt it....

    regards, Jez.
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    I did ask him if he'd have come offering me money if it had died or been sold at a loss, but didn't get a very clear answer to that.
    Tempted to tell him where to go, but can't really afford to lose the ground.
    I find it a bit disconcerting that he's putting so much pressure on me to extract money from a child!!!

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    Is this bloke for real, with friends like him who needs enemy's send him a bill for the bitch plus training and feeding the dog.

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    I would have thought that the deal having been agreed and done all ownership of the "dog" would be yours to do with as you like. I now would love to know what the "dog" really is reason being that if I had a ten year old daughter who had raised and cherished a "dog" for a year she would probably not be best pleased if at the first opportunity of gaining a few quid I sold her "dog". But going back the "dog" being yours to sell it would be you who was the benefactor of the sale. What you then did with the proceeds of the sale would be up to you. You chose to give the money to your daughter. Fair enough, but having done so, if and I mean if, somebody else did have a claim on the cash raised from the sale it would be from you and would not really be trying to extract it from a child. That statement is looking for sympathy. Sell her "dog" take money back from her - be ashamed.
    Having reached where you are with this landowner I just cannot see anything going back to how it was.
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    Hate to say it mate but youre stuck in a real ***** of a position there,if you really depend on the land I see you with no option but to pay him off to keep the peace ( even though you may still think hes a ****** ) then hit the land hard to get your money back and maybe even take out a few clients as friends.
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    The chap knew full well that the "pup" had been given to my daughter, and knew full well that if / when it was sold she would get the cash. He was happy with that, for a whole year.
    Then it fetched an unbelievably high price, and he suddenly feels that he's got some prior claim on it.

    (BTW, my daughter is not bothered at all by selling her pet! This is the same child that helped me kill and cut up for the freezer an orphan lamb she reared!)

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    I assume the animal in question is not a dog. If you are dependent on thus guy for your living, you might have to suck this up. However, you have had a lesson as to his true character.

    I would find a way to recoup my losses though. The bastid would pay for it one way or another.

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    This is a difficult one because your not being totally honest. It would depend what , who and why and as it is all clouded in secrecy there may be many differant answers.

    You have 3 choices 1. you take the moral high ground and tell him politely that he is not having any of the money as it is not his to have and see what happens. 2. You pay him and then get it back some how from him with out him knowing it was you. 3. You tell him to stick it up his ar$e and put your time into finding other work.

    However things will never be the same after this so your on a hiding anyway.

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    sounds like this bloke has a hold over you and is jealous that you made a few quid personally id tell him to do one and find somewhere else to shoot friendship is not a one sided thing on the other hand business is business you need to make a living most people dont like the people they work for till pay day stu

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