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Thread: Hot Sow Boar Urine

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    Hot Sow Boar Urine

    Does anyone knows where to get some hot sow boar urine for lure? I prefer somewhere here in the UK.


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    I was lucky enough to use sow urine to draw out a big keiler.

    This was domestic pig urine, it worked for me so I would say that finding domestic sow urine that is in heat a lot easier to come by than wild boar urine.



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    Thanks for the tip!

    That's a nice looking monster you got there...


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    If you want to have a pop at collecting hot fresh urine from my wild boar sow (would that be taking the piss ?) you are more than welcome. I shall watch from a good safe distance and possibly collapse with laughter. I'm pretty certain my boar would take advantage of you while you were bent over collecting the sample !!

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