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Thread: fallow rut

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    fallow rut

    i was out yesterday evening and heard the first fallow grunt this year, thought it was a bit early. anyone else hear anything yet

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    Yep, yesterday as well - two weeks earlier than last year

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    Yes they started last night some very nice big bucks showing !

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    yes had a prickit and a good buck defo rutting in reading area last night but not yet in northants at local forest

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    Heard a few grunts this evening from different heards with in a 5 mile radius.

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    I was up last Saturday morn just walking with the dog on the edge of Ashdown Forest and as soon i left the garden i heard a buck croaking.
    We walked into it but beat there by another dog walker.
    I thought at the time, early!

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    Heard the first rumblings this morning near Oxford. It's time my luck changed so will be there early next weekend.

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    went out yesterday to try for a buck in an area where there are a lot of does, never seen any deer but was hoping to see the start of the Fallow rut.

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    Rutting full tilt in Midhurst area, had a sorrel and a mature buck his week, both stinking to high heaven with empty stomachs. This morning I stalked in on a buck on a stand who look completely knackered, poor lad could hardly walk. Plenty of groaning going on.

    Don't you just love this time of the year !!

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    Only getting the first signs of the rut starting here in the west of Northern Ireland. Hopefully start and see a few more bucks about now, cos all i've been seeing is hinds and calves.

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