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Thread: Argo Conquest Steering/ Brakes

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    Argo Conquest Steering/ Brakes

    the estate Argo Conquest has been difficult to steer. We have put in new Dot 5 fluid, new filters, bled the brakes, checked that the fan is working and we still have the problem.

    We are now trying to drive it with minimal steering but that is not the long term fix.

    Has anyone else experienced the same problem and been able to fix it?


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    Hard to tell without looking - but had similiar problems twice.

    First time it was airlocked brakes - took 4 or 5 goes to actually bleed it right out.

    Second took some finding - steering handle bushing had broken up - allowing very slight play at bottom - virtually unnoticeable at the top. But it was enough to put the plunge rod off centre and it was binding. Couldnt believe how solidly the thing was locking up.

    Hope helps.

    Had lots of problems with brake fade on the Avenger with bike handles. Easy to solve though - we just beat the driver until he learned to keep the handle bars straight
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    A tricky question to answer for definite but heres what Ive come across:-

    Do the steering levers come back the same distance and are they solid at full reach, do they return to the dash at the same speed when let go? The conquest is bad for the seals in the master cylinders letting fluid by them giving poor performance. They should only come off the dash block 4" or so.

    There is actually a brake pad available which has a much harder compound and gives virtually NO brake fade.

    The other thing that may be worth mentioning is that the seals on the gearbox can leak spraying oil on to the disc having the obvious effect of poor steering, if thats the case you should be able to smell gear oil when the brakes warm up. Check your cooling duct are actually pointing at the discs, they have a tendancy to rattle loose and point anywhere but the disc.
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