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Thread: Another Nice North American Whitetail.

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    Another Nice North American Whitetail.

    My brother has this knack of running across nice whitetail bucks above the river that runs through his land. He took this one today with his trusty 7x57 custom and a 139 grain Hornady Spire point. The range was 240 yards and one shot was all it took.(Pure dumb luck!) The rack measured 16.5" across at it's widest point. Not a huge deer but a nice one. ~Muir

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    Nice looking buck Muir


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    Nice buck!

    Forgive my ignorance, but is that white tape around the antler?

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    Tell him well done mate nice looking deer them whitetail

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    Thanks guys, I'll pass it on. I never should have built that 7x57 for him. After 30 years he's finally learning how to shoot it! It's interesting to note that he has just started reloading for this rifle over the last 5 years or so. Now he wouldn't consider factory ammo.~Muir

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    Now look at brother Charlie all pretty looking, whose the man in the hat Where was that bloody thing a few weeks back when you were there.


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    Nice buck, but I have to ask what is that interesting attachment to your brothers testicle area


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    Beats the hell out of me! I blew it up and it looks like his dragging rope. I'll have to ask. I'd hate to think he was know... attached to that deer ~Muir

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    That's a nice buck!

    Judging from the brow tines, mass of main beams and G2's and G3's, looks like he could be 3 or 4 years old, which in the US is quite old (only the really smart ones survive that long).

    The piece of white on the antler could be the tag, as some states require that bucks be tagged around the antlers.

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    It might be best to ask your brother not to drag a deer using a rope tied around his "tackle"


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