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Thread: Are you a last minute type of guy, or do you prep up a week or so before?

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    Are you a last minute type of guy, or do you prep up a week or so before?

    Went out this morning to a farm around a mile from home, needing to check zero three rifles, two for stalking a week on Monday, the other , a scope change, so now have two stalking calibres zeroed & boxed up, & a foxing rig just needing some reloads making up, are you of the last minute will do, or do you prep up early?
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    fail to prepare, prepare to fail. always do mine before any foray every time.

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    The 7 P's

    Poor Prior Planning Produces Piss Poor Performance
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    Ah! that is where I have been going wrong....

    Mind you being a "kitchen sink" sort of person even if I start to prepare early I am in a panic at the end!

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    I prepare for the next outing on returning from the last.... my kit is always ready to go at a moments notice, I just need to throw it in the car and I'm off.

    It comes from having mates that phone and say "coming out lamping tonight?"... "yer what time?"... "err I'm just driving down your road now"
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    Should be posting on personal login - but cant be bothered flipping about.... I know should be better prepared

    For me stalking was ( is ) a year round thing. At the start I would go out maybe twice in a year - but thinking about going out, looking up new toys and getting kit ready was all part and parcel. Heck even the journey up with mates was part of it. Result was over preparation - yet still goofed everytime - think the boss has the green nylon gaiters I first turned up in framed somewhere! All part of the learning process.

    A fair number of the people we take out these days seem to view stalking as taking off the safety and pressing the trigger. Ethics aside, just seems they are missing so much.
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    Always the last minute, don't know any other way. Normally chuck my gear together whilst waiting for the kettle to boil to make my flask ahead of that days outing.

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    I try to prepare... but with the rushing around trying to fit stalking around a day job I sometimes still manage to forget the most fundamental things. My last cock up was leaving my magazine at home.

    I was lucky and still managed to get a buck, with one round in the spout and the spare round between my fingers for quick reload! Knew those 'load one shoot one' gallery rifle drills would come in handy!


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    Well, if this is any sort of answer: that's me just back in from fitting a new set of winter tyres, ordered a few weeks ago, at the best price going, from and delivered all the way from a town just outside Hamburg last week, onto a spare set of steel wheels I bought earlier in the year (from the scrappy) ready to go on the wife's car when the snow comes ... probably at the last moment.

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