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Thread: Hi all from London.

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    Hi all from London.

    Hi all,

    Been browsing the site last few months and managed to find my current rifle through it, but never got round to introducing myself. So here goes, I'm finishing med school in London but try and get out and hunt/fish as much as possible. So far most the deer stalking I've done is for muntjac in Cambridgeshire on a friends farm but I am keen to target other species. Apart from stalking I shoot pigeons/foxes and have just joined SWAWMA wildfowling club. Learning a lot from the site and I look forward to putting some posts of my own stalks up.


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    Hi I am fairly new too, but just getting revved up with some posts. Yes everyone seems very friendly. I hail from Sussex. Enjoy

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    Hello and welcome from the North.


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    Welcome to the site,

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    Welcome from another "Londoner"
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    I will be moving down to london next year and I was wondering what are the best places to go stalking??


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    To be fair for all the stalking I've done so far I've been lucky enough to know the landowner, however if you look in the trade section there's plently of really good looking stalking to be had around London in the home counties. I'm keen to get a roe buck next season so I've been checking them out.


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    Hello from not to far away. I have ground in south cambs.
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