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    rutting fallow

    After a very busy summer preparing sports pitches by day and interspersed with my keepering duties i got an invite from a real old school stalker who i just love going to see on one of his estates near reading .i managed to get the phezs dogged in and travelled the two hrs down to reading arriving an hour early rather than rush around in friday traffic ,after a cuppa with ray we waited for a couple of other guys to rock up before splitting up to get to our seats .I travelled with jim to a wood recently thinned and a seat i previously shot a prickit from so i was hopeful.on the way which was a little late for my liking we did see several roe out in the fields ....lovely ! jim dropped me off and i got myself ready for the off .the seat sits in a glade the sort that you can imagine a fairy walking about in a really magical place ,beech wood one side of three rows of poplar and mixed wood the other with deer lawn between the poplar orsome !!!!! 50 yrds to the seat took me 10 mins as i expected deer on the lawn ,no deer so up the seat and got settled almost at once two fallow does from the left then a black doe purposefully came across the glade from the right calm down ,calm down,then grunting flipping eck and crashing of antlers i was really getting worked up now ,alot of crashing about and a black prickit shot onto the lawn looking a little beat up .after a shake and a scratch i decided to take him ,bang on he rolled straight over on the soft grass reload safe on my sences in overload i calmed down only to see a nose ,head ,neck of a good buck looking to see why this prickit had fallen over ,he sort of looked up at me and walked out onto the lawn assessed and fired the 6.5 into his shoulder he just looked up as if it was nothing all pumped up with hormones, i gave him another insurance shot which rolled him a few yrds further on the other side of the glade. I reloaded the mag had a fishermans friend and settled my nerves after half an hour and with some work to do gralloch and dragging i did a few photo's and got stuck in ,a very hot sweaty stalker was ready for jim as i saw his lights coming down the road .now jim has 4 wks ago had his bowel removed so the guy was not to do too much lifting ,with alot of puffing i pushed a 67kg buck into his truck and a very happy chappy headed home .it was great to get off the farm for a few hours and spend some time in good company ,i feel very lucky to have one or two really good old time stalkers that i have learnt so much from just hope i can pass that on when the time comes and i become an old boyAttachment 9524Attachment 9525
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    Congraulations on your stalk, and nice to here your praise for your mate. I myself am gratefull to to the chap who i know he has taught me everything i now and has been there at the other end of the phone if i need advice.
    Enjoyable read and fallow pictures.


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    yep got a few old boys who have helped me at home and away at their leases invaluble advise from blokes with over 40+ yrs of stalking each real old school stuff that i find really interesting and they are mad keen even though they have new knees ,colostomy bags ,carpel tunnel ,cancer. bloody amazing they just love it and love passing on the skills

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    A good evening - wish I was there

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    nice one norma, you lucky b```er well done mate

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