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Thread: Teckel pups ready now

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    Teckel pups ready now

    I have two bitch Teckel pups left for sale, KC reg, from imported parents.
    check out Darswed Teckel web site for more information. Ready now.

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    Fantastic little pups, love the last pup in teckels misbehaving and the one in tickeling a teckel. Really want a deer dog but need to learn more about trainning first.

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    Thanks, they are certainly full of life ! trouble is they are starting to show their working sides now and spend most of the day shaking the living daylights out of each other !
    As stated I only have two bitches left, I only had one dog and I could have sold 5-6 dogs ! very strange.
    I am keeping one bitch myself but I may even keep two with the idea of training one up to sell at a later stage.
    Does anyone think think there may be a market for part/fully trained deer dogs ??

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    Hi ABC

    I think there could be a market for part or fully trained dogs, Would you agree with me you need a bond with your dog whitch really comes from when you get a dog from pup ? Im a big fan of getting a pup as young as possible, 8 weeks. I love terriers and have only bought pups from people i know. your pups look fantastic, heathly and well looked after, and im sure you are one of the best in your area. I want a good pup for deer stalking but i need to learn, i have very good referances from people in your area PM me if you want to take this off line.


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    I will be perfectly honest with you on this one, over the years I have found it makes little difference whether you have the dog from a pup. The most important thing I have found is that you must actually like the dog, whatever the age. I have had dogs in from pups to two or three years for training, and have still "bonded" with most (with one or two exceptions )
    My own Teckel was 10 months old when I imported her, and we immediately hit it off.
    Some people actually find it an advantage to miss the puppy stage out, and all the " hassle " ( to some ) that goes with it. Especially the time involved.
    But I must admit In an ideal situation I would prefer a pup as you say.

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    Ok, but at this stage i think its me who needs the training at this present time, i know some of the best guys in your area that possibly you will know, i want to learn before i get a pup.

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    you are certainly going down the right route ! too many people do it the other way round and end up wasting a good dog.
    Good luck.

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