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Thread: The darkside !

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    The darkside !

    ok folks i have decided to go over to the darkside and purchase a blaser ! problem being i shoot a 7mm08 at the moment and cant decide which caliber to go with ! 6.5 x 55 270 or 308.
    whats your thoughts guys
    i am slightly drawn towards the 270

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    It feels good doesnt it. I have the R93 in .270. Just do it.

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    wills, whats the kick like ?

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    Well..I have a t8 mod and it is fine. I have a hyme which is unmoded also and it is not too bad. When I am shooting a deer it is no worse than a .243. The flash and boom can leave a fair impression..may even call it life changing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danpd View Post
    270 all day long, 6.5x55 Is for old fogeys, and 308 is boring
    +270! Est. 1925. Deer Love it.
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    Stick with the 7mm08 ? Or do Blaser not chamber for that round ?

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    i remember shooting my mates 270 without a mod at a bds activity day ! most of the poeple present were police, feos , wild life cops etc ! they stood and watched the range with most people using mods until i let one go through the 270 without a mod there were people diving for cover shouting what the duck was that !!!

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    blaser dont do 7mm08

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