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Thread: Grouse in south wales

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    Grouse in south wales

    Hi all

    I'm wondering if anyone knows who has the shooting rights for grouse in the varteg, garndifaith, blaenavon areas of south Wales. Or could perhaps put me in tough with anyone who might know

    Kind regards


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    Alvin Nicholas
    Tel: 01495 742334

    He may be able to advise you, I think it might come under the Blaenavon World Heritage Site.

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    Thanks for this.

    Emailed this gentleman and had a very prompt reply. Thanks again

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    a friend of mine from Merthyr who as a boy used to shoot it on the glorous 11th tells me its owned by Glan Usk estate.


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    It might be Celtic Energy, under the banner of the Walters Group Hirwaen.

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    Just a guess but depending on the exact area Griff was talking about I would have thought that the shooting rights belong to either The Beufort Estate, Llanover Estate or Pontypool Park Estate.

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    Are there really enough grouse to warrant shooting them?

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    The one local estate up until a few years ago would shoot the one hill once a year but would limit the number of birds shot. I am told that they stopped a couple of years back because the local cowboys were going for armed walks and shooting everything.

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