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Thread: school chair feeder legs

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    school chair feeder legs

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    we had a load of chairs at school to chuck so after kitting out our shoot room and several other shoots i had the bright idea of removing the screw on plastic seat and tek screw the legs to this 40 gallon drum ,fitted a hopper style feed system which i much prefer to springs i am rather pleased with the result ,gotta fit a bit of timber under the legs to stop sinking and i may have a use for the plastic seat bit .....

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    How about the seat for a high seat

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    u got it ,bit more comfy than boards ,there is 112 seats on the estate i stalk with my mate might try and do a portable type seat i can take from seat to seat

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    They have done that in a reserve near me with those old brown school ones. The chair legs bent to a 45% degree angle ish welded to a metal ladder then fastened to the tree for the rifle rest they have welded a tressel that you get off the building site (used to form a small scaffold) to the ladder allowing you to crawl betweeen the tressel and the chair to sit comfy.

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