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Thread: 1st muntjac outing and 1st muntjac

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    Thumbs up 1st muntjac outing and 1st muntjac

    i would just like to thank WAYNE DAVIES for taking me on my 1st outing.

    i have been very interested in shooting a muntjac after having some on a shoot of mine but never had the chance as yet to get one.

    mainly to being new to shooting deer and not knowing what signs to look for or there habits. so when i got the chance to go with Wayne off here. and after seeing his and others write ups of outings.

    i new it would be a good chance to go and learn a little. we set off to a piece of ground of his and had a little look round the wood before making our way to a high seat he has up.

    we where up there for around 40 mins. glassing the rides with the bino's when Wayne whispered to me that the opening around the oak tree in front looked promising.

    sure enough 15 mins later he see movement. and a nice munty buck was Foraging about very nervously. i couldn't get a lock on him in the scope. and as soon as he come he was gone.

    but we where in the right place and signs where promising. then at last light i
    was looking to my left when wayne tapped my leg i slowly looked round and he looked down to the ride below us.

    there was a munty doe making her way up the track right under us. my heart was pounding and it seamed like a age before it had got up to a spot i could level the rifle up. she was well tuned in and on edge.

    and was even sniffing around where we had come up the ride to the seat. she new something was about. I got the nod off Wayne to take my time and then the 243 barked and the munty slumped to the ground.

    it was a very good day and i got to learn just a little. but its great to go with someone
    that has been there and seen it all. and pass on a little bit of his know how.

    im going to look forward to some fallow shooting now i have the bug.

    cheers wayne shame you forgot the camera i will never forget it though.

    anyone get the chance to go with wayne should go. he is a down to earth guy and allways seams to get you in around the deer.

    guess they don't call him the ninja for nothing

    atb jamie
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    Hi Jamie

    Thanks for your kind words, you were a pleasure to take I look foward to trying to get your first Fallow.
    Sorry about the camera


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    Not surprised you had a good time Jamie, Wayne is a diamond geezer.

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    great to see them under the high seat and walking up the ride. wayne has seen and shot lots of deer by now. but even he said to me his heart was pounding when it was slowly walking around under us.

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    glad you got a notch on your bedpost pal!! dont forget the camera next weekend wayne, oh and none of that leg touching malarky
    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Quote Originally Posted by straightbetweentheeyes View Post
    glad you got a notch on your bedpost pal!! dont forget the camera next weekend wayne, oh and none of that leg touching malarky
    regards, Jez.
    you going to book a outing with wayne jez. he let me use some of his swaro bino's i didnt want to give them back in the end
    you will injoy it see a lovely buck up there.
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    out with him next sunday.... keep saving up your pennies you might have yourself a pair in a few years!
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    mate i could buy a pair tomorrow if i wanted. but i would have to sell off some other goodies. and for the use they would get isnt wise.

    mind my mate won a pair from ebay in the usa. got them for 200 !

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    Great write up Jay & well done on your first munty ,well done Wayne great result

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    Nice one mate. Ninja does it again.

    A great bloke to go out with and knows his ground and habits of the deer very well.


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