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    Ruger M77

    Hi all. I have been offered a Ruger M77 for around 300. the Rifle looks to be in great condition and does not look to have done much work. I will only be using it a few times a year really so dont want to go above and beyond and shell out loads on a new rifle. It has a floor plate and have been told that these can be a very personal choice to shooters, most people preferring a magazine instead. What do they usually go for? Any info on these as stalking rifles would be very much appreciated, Tim.

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    I have been shooting for over 25 years and and the only Ruger Rifle i have ever seen that shot anything like acceptable was a Varmint model. May i suggest before you buy you get to shoot it and see.
    Will be interesting to read of others experiences.


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    I have rebarreled perhaps 20, Ruger Model 77 rifles over the last 25 years. Not all of them were bad shooters, but a few notable ones were. Ruger has had a couple of problems with their rifles, the most noteworthy being that they have shifted barrel-blank suppliers over the years. Originally they made their own but they were terrible at it. The first barrel I did at gunsmithing school in the machine shop was a Ruger 77 in 270 (mid 70's vintage) that looked as tho it'd been rifled with a cold chisel by an angry antigunner. I don't like Rugers for my own reasons (a lemon of a shooter 22Hornet, purchased new, that wouldn't group and Ruger couldn't care) but others do, and from what I understand, the accuracy has come a long way. I'd also shoot it first.

    All this said, I just agreed to buy a Ruger 77 in 220 Swift that has a small bulge at the muzzle. I'll recrown it and shoot it, and will have yet another opinion to offer.~Muir

    (Nikon scope, Burris rings, $250 US. Couldn't pass it up)

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    i shoot a ruger m77 in 270 and with my home loads it clover leafs with atleast 3 different bullets and with 3 different powders , to be fair i only paid 270 for it , its a left hander and is used almost every day . i bought it blind and took a punt , i didnt even see it until my rfd mate took delivery of it !

    by the sound of it the your in the possition i was in , i took a gamble and it paid off and a have a very accurate rifle .

    for 300i would give it a go mate.

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    I have a 77 Mk11 in .223 that didnt like any factory ammo at all. When i reloaded for it has become a very accurate rifle. Good safety system and rock solid scope mounts. I did change also the plastic stock.

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    I like Rugers, I have owned 5 and would probably still have my .25-06 if I had been into reloading then. 300 sounds a bit steep in the current climate. Even with scope rings that correctly mount your scope of choice, I would be looking to pay less. I like the 3 postion safety that Ruger MKII's have. The triggers can be worked on and reduced to 3lb. My .25-06 started out at 9lb.

    Good luck. JCS

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    I've got a heavy barrelled mk1 m77 in .308 that shoots well and I like the shotgun style tang safety

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