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Thread: Why 100m? Why 4 inch?

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    Why 100m? Why 4 inch?

    Why is the DSC shooting test done at distances measured in metres when most rifle ranges are measured in yards? Wouldn't it be best to do the test at distances most people would practice and also zero their rifles?

    I do understand that some scopes are metric based, and also that some stalkers will zero at a point blank zero distance which will be decided by their rifle/bullet/load choice to achieve a kill zone hit.

    Is this just a metric/imperial arguement where we should do all things in metric to appease our euro buddies? But thinking about it - isn't it daft that you have to get a 4" group at 100m? Why aren't both measurements metric or imperial?

    Just my Sunday afternoon musings.
    A pat on the back is often just a recce for the knife.

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    How long is a piece of string???
    Don't loose sleep over it matey.
    I now use m's as all my scopes are german but my groups are still measured (hopefully) in under inches.
    regards john

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    100m 10cm group has a certain flow to it!

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    Believe it or believe it not the UK is now a metric based system, you try go find materials or weights in imperial in any shop. So to conduct a nationally recognised test in anything other than metric would quite probably, be illegal.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache View Post
    100m 10cm group has a certain flow to it!
    You just know someone will point out that there is a miniscule diffence between 4" & 10cm don't you and therefore you have to use one measurement or the other for the test to be fair

    Maybe the test should state an MOA for each position?
    A pat on the back is often just a recce for the knife.

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    Mentioned it on another thread that always get a mental 'hiccup' when reading out instructions on the shooting test. As others have said - just one of those things.

    As it is I still get my timber by asking for 4.2 metres of 3x2! I 'know' what 3x2 looks like, but mental have a hard time with the mental image of 75x50.

    Embrace our quirkiness!
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    100m - 100mm has a better flow and mm's are better for measuring groups. In reality we should be aiming for 50 mm groups. Accuracy kills. Practice Practice and more Practice.

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    Probably because many tests are carried out on military ranges and military ranges were "metrified" many years ago. In some cases all that was done was to remove the yard markers and replace them with signs saying metres (100 yards suddenly became 100 metres etc.).

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    I think someone needs to get out more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 375 mag View Post
    I think someone needs to get out more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    +1 on that , get out and stalk some deer they wont mind how its measured
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