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Thread: urgent Assistance Required.

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    urgent Assistance Required.

    All sorted at last.........A large John Deer Tractor with wet ground tyres drew it out like a skelf.............Special thanks to Big - Dog {Den} for his offer of help.
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    Can you not get hold of a tirfor winch im sure that would get you out with a bit of work well worth having one to hand

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    Been stuck twice this week! Makes me think seriously about fitting a winch to front of my Hilux.

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    Hi i have isuzu 4x4 if it can help.

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    Hi mate, thanks I may take you up on that in due only consern is that the ground surounding my 4x4 has become unstable due the heavy rain, so wouldnt want to risk getting you stuck as well. Might be an idea with a long tow chain mind you.

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    Hi only got tow rope how long would it have to be.

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    How did the extraction go ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shudadunityonksago View Post
    How did the extraction go ?
    Its still to be undertaken.

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    Extraction complete..........I'm now in the need of new underwear !!!

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    Why weren't there photos to accompany this thread (not of the underwear)...

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