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Thread: Sika Stalking In Ireland

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    Sika Stalking In Ireland

    Hi I am new to this Forum stuff, but lets see if it works. Does anyone know of any decent Sika stalking over in Ireland and Chinese Water Deer Over Here?

    Many Thanks

    Lets See

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    Ireland is ok but you can get excellent stalking in scotland red.. roe.. sika.. even pockets of wild boar.. some good fallow.. and i can arrange muntjac too.. give me a call if any of thats interesting for you .. i can arrange top bed and breakfast too .. level 2 witnessing.. you name it i can arrange it.. 07835113310 or 07739187682

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    are the wild boar wild?

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    I want to come over sometime next year and stalk some of those lovely Irish Sika

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Yan
    I want to come over sometime next year and stalk some of those lovely Irish Sika
    No problem - fly into Dublin with your rifle having pre arranged the import paperwork.

    Hire a car or minibus between friends - drive 45 minutes south into Wicklow and meet up with John Fenton. Move to a B&B just across the bridge from a lovely little pub serving Guiness as it should be.

    Hunt your ass off in an area with the sort of deer numbers you have not seen previously!

    Highly recommended.


    rgds Ian

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    Thanks Ian I will try that one

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    Oooh that sounds interesting lots of deer hunting one's ass off sounds the makings of a plan

    If you want some company big yan give us a shout dude 8)

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    There will be a party of us anyway but more the merrier

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    Go for it!

    John used to be known as 'Mr Sika' and did a lot of business with the likes of Diana - the recently insolvent top class hunting outfitter.

    If he was still tied in with them, there is a fair chance he will have some spare slots - otherwise, he needs to be booked well in advance.

    I went over on a cull package, though trophy stags were available as well as a few wild goats. The grounds are excellent, and if you are proved reliable, he is not above giving you a map of a block and suggesting you hunt it yourself. Conversely, he has some excellent guys working with him as stalkers to ensure you get into the beasts asp.

    Open hill stalking, thick pine forest interspersed with rides, boggy valley bottoms - whatever 'your' stalking preference, its there!

    One thing that is not in doubt is the sheer volume of deer running around - I have never seen such a concentration of animals. Expect to be taking 2-3 per day.

    Great place to go as a party - the pub is stalker friendly, and well used to small mobs of blokes dressed like trees, each with a severe Guinness dehydration problem!

    Rgds Ian

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