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Thread: Re-barreling

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    I've heard so many people talk of having to re-barrel riffles after putting so many rounds through them, yet after 10 years in the military and putting 1000's of rounds through Gpmg's SA80 etc etc etc and never once seen or heard of a rifle having to be re-barrelled !!! It wasn't uncommon to have a spare barrel for the Gpmg to keep swapping over as they used to glow with the heat.

    So if its the case whats the difference between military rifles and stalking rifles ?????

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    A beaten zone?............. or preferably a minimum four inch circle?
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    I bet military snipers re barrel rifles.

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    Fair one Finn, was just wondering whether they were made to a different grade or not, or whether they just wernt arsed about maintaining them.

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    My L85A1 had a new barrel after a armoury check, it must have been outwith the required tolerances .

    Ps. I didn't run it in correctly

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    Nobody in our unit really gave a toss what accuracy our rifles had.
    I knew my H&K would shoot x inches high and right at 300m, couldn't zero anyway.
    Accuracy at 1200 rounds/min out of the machine gun with open sights ?? Nobody complained.

    Stalking is a different thing. Some of us are not happy with 1/2" at 100yds. Maybe a bit over
    the top but then again if one needs to neck shoot at 200yds+ one needs good gear.

    The 308 sako I had handed down wouldn't hit a piece of paper at 100yds when the barrel was clean
    and therefore the barrel had to go. I guess she had about 4000 rounds done at that stage.


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    My mate had an old Parker Hale target rifle single shot in ,308 got it second hand,used mainly ex military ammo,got rid of it for a Steyr,junk,anyway was at his workshop clearing out scrap 3 wheelbarrow loads of brass he then says remember the P/H he had well thats what he put thru it then says should have kept that gun,i would watch him putting 200rds thru 1 after the other no time for cooling only when he started missing targets at 500m,should say he was big lad and had a muzzel brake much to the dismay to anyone next to him

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    As long as a military firearm could hit a figure eleven at 500 yds nobody really cared.
    Sniper rifles are a lot different and would, no doubt be exchanged, rather than re barrelled after a certain degree of innacuracy.
    Mind you who knows what goes on in the Armoury when the Armourer has nothing to do

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