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Thread: Dented Barrel

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    Dented Barrel

    I bought a s/h Beretta 687 in June, and have only used it twice on clays. I noticed a small dent in the bottom barrel today, about 4 inches back from the muzzle. I don't think there is any way that I can have caused this, and will speak to the dealer in the week. Is it possible to raise dents in chrome plated barrels, or would it be better just to ask for a refund?
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    Will raise out ok.

    Dealer not liable to give money back as you may have caused it without knowing.

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    Chopper, thanks. I like the Beretta, and will speak to a local gunsmith about repair. I am certain that I did not cause the damage but, as you say, it can't be proved one way or the other.

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    You can knock a dent out yourself easy enough. You need a socket of the right size to slip through (I think it's 18mm for 12b but not sure - a while since I did it), with a few layers of insulation tape wrapped around it. Knock it through with a hammer and bar, but don't be rough.
    Sounds a bit crude, I know, but when I took one to a gusmith to be done that's exactly what he did, so next time it happened I did my own.

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    Hiya, A while ago, I sold an old in mint condition sxs Baikal to a chap in London who was going to use it as a Cowboy Action gun...anyway, it arrived a month after I left it with the RFD, and with a slight dink in the barrel ...turns out the chaps best mate worked as a gunsmith with Purdeys in London, and raised the barrel himself..seemingly a very easy, simple repair.....thank gawd for that...

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    Under no circumstances attempt to do it yourself for if you make a cock-up it is your loss !


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    For what it will cost compared to the worth of the gun take it to a gunsmith.
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    Thanks for the replies. I dropped it in at Bozard and Co, north of Hungerford, yesterday. Raising the dent won't be a problem, and will cost about 60. The barrels can't be honed/polished afterwards, because they are chromed, so there is likely to be a shadow where the dent was. Phil Turner is a Purdey-trained barrel maker, so I'm confident that he'll be able to make the best of it.

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    hi mate send it back to the BLASER no sorry i meant BERETTA factory
    regards pete .

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    Hmm, that would mean sending it via GMK....I'd quite like to use it this season, not the next one!
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