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Thread: land rovers help

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    land rovers help

    I am a novice stalker in Hampshire looking to buy a land rover have the option of long or short wheel base both 1998 vehicles short wheel base 92,000 m private seller I know the garage who have looked after the vehicle, no known probs 3,000 pounds . the long wheel base has only 52,000 miles but is a bit of a shed as company fleet vehicle. 3,800 pounds,
    apart from use for getting in and out of stalking grounds I want to use it for lamping, some people say the long wheel base is less stable being more likly to slide about and have less traction, (its very wet where I live)

    anybody have any ideas


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    lwb more room,handling is downto the ability of the driver.
    why a landy?
    there is better

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    doc get yourself a suzuki jeep put a big sunroof in the top and a good set of chunky tyres on it go anywhere do anything vechile

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    was thinking of a toyota truck, but the offer of above came up and I am fed up with all the crap from fishing and hunting being in my car when I go to work on monday, it stinks !!
    Thanks for the advice will have to get something soon though

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    Yup I had a suzuki jeep on off the proper ones not the hairdressers specials
    It was soft top built a roll bar out of scaff tubing big tyres awesome little tool only sold it as I got a rangey cheap

    Where we used it was literally a swamp, we got it stuck on one occasion but 3 of us pushed it out up to our knees in mud !!! Try doing that with a landy no chance

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    legal my point exactly i own a disco and a suzuki i know which one id want to be driving when it gets shitty

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    I had a disco would do all the things i wanted it to but rolled a lot on cornering
    SWB defender should do a lot more
    LWB i would be worried of bottoming out
    Can get spares anywhere

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    part of our lives revolves around stinky cars n vans ,and countryside *****!!! wish I traded in my cmax for a 4x4 , but I got grandkids to transport x3 !!! Hey thinking on it , any kid /wife friendly / go anywhere stuff out there !!! Doc Apologies for nicking your thread but it may also answer the question . Get the mrs to clean the car/ on sunday, after your shoot/ stalk. on monday it will smell nice !!I am a clever boy!!!

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    I had a 110 pick-up which was OK but there was always something going wrong with it or needing doing. OK, parts are cheap but it gets a bit tiresome after a while
    Bought a double cab Hilux, much better bit of kit . Far better in mud than the 110 as it has a proper diff lock to drive both rear wheels. My landy diff lock only locked up the centre diff and if you were traversing a slope the uphill wheels would spin and you wouldn't get anywhere

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    Thanks guys, misses not to kean on the cleaning bit !!!!

    Have been told that the older ???200 engine better anybody got an ideas ?

    better shoot some deer ans rabbits after all this !

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